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Antiques Bij Sint-Jacobs

Antiques Bij Sint-Jacobs

Antiques Bij Sint-Jacobs

Antiques Bij Sint-Jacobs

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, the Bij Sint-Jacobs square plays host to a flea market, surrounded by countless bric-a-brac shops. This area also happens to be the heart of the world-famous Ghent Festivities, the folk festival that sets the city alight every year in mid-July.

Opening hours

  • T 19/10 closed
  • F 20/10  >
  • S 21/10  >
  • S 22/10  >
  • M 23/10 closed
  • T 24/10 closed
  • W 25/10 closed
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Dienst Markten en Foren

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