Not your average city walking tour taking you along the same tired old route, but a true feast for the senses: this is the 7 Senses Tour. Discover Ghent through the eyes of Jan Van Eyck, and use all your senses to the fullest.

Smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight, enhancing your sixth sense and movement: all seven are covered on the tour! During the city walking tour, sensory experiences alternate with the magnificent heritage of Ghent and a number of astounding street art pieces inspired by Flemish master Jan Van Eyck and the Ghent Altarpiece.

 Big names such as Pastel and Strook unleash their creativity on the city, treating us to some impressive murals. Various locations along the route turn your attention to poems by both contemporary poets and classics by household names such as Rumi, Hadewijch, and Christine de Pizan. Anyone seeking to explore Ghent in a radically different way cannot afford to miss this tour.