Photographer Alexander Dumarey has explored the Museum of Industry’s photographic collection and has taken new pictures of former textile factories in Ghent. In this photographic exhibition, the Museum of Industry displays 30 pairs of pictures, comparing the past and the present.

One hundred years ago Ghent was a busy industrial city with textile factories, which were real cathedrals of industry, and densely populated working-class districts.

All that changed in the mid-20th century. The textile industry was hit hard and went into a steady decline. Equipped with a camera, the pioneers of industrial archaeology captured the threatened factories and working-class districts on film.

This exhibition shows what the factories used to look like and what has become of them. Black-and-white photographs taken by those pioneers enter into a dialogue with colour pictures made by Alexander Dumarey. You will find out whether these impressive industrial buildings have withstood the test of time, have been demolished or repurposed. 

Cathedrals of industry: cycling route

This cycling route takes you along the Ghent textile factories of the past. In the exhibition in the Industry Museum, photographer Alexander Dumarey shows 30 pairs of photos. You will discover whether the impressive factory buildings have stood the test of time, were demolished or given a different use.
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