In the book "De Wilde Bijen Parade” (the Wild Bees Parade), you are introduced to the life of bees. You learn what they need and how we can help them. 40 illustrators bring the bee world to life. The illustrations can now be seen in an exhibition in The World of Kina: the Garden.

During the exhibition, the cheerful and colourful illustrations take into the wonderful world of bees. You’ll discover how bees live, why they are so important, why bees are struggling and how we can help them.

This activity takes place on a location within the low emission zone

Are you driving to Ghent? First check whether you may enter the city centre with your vehicle. Clean vehicles may enter the city centre free of charge, polluting vehicles have to pay. Is your vehicle allowed to enter, but do you not have a Belgian or Dutch number plate? You will ALWAYS have to register!

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The information continues beneath the illustrations.