The Ghent Guides are the right people to turn to for an exciting themed walk. Go on a guided tour and be astonished by the eventful past of the Ghent Altarpiece or learn everything there is to know about fifteenth-century Ghent.

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OMG! The story of the Dastardly Theft of the Just Judges… and more!

From damage and almost-destruction to theft and contraband: the masterpiece by the van Eyck brothers has lived it all. During this walk a guide will give you a detailed account of the journeys of the altar throughout the centuries.

Languages: NL/ENG/FR/DE

OMG!!! Who can afford this? What about the financial relation between Philip the Good, Joos Vijd and the van Eyck brothers?

What did Ghent look like in the fifteenth century, the era of Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy? Who was Alderman Joos Vijd and why did he commission such an expensive work of art with the van Eyck brothers? And how could he afford it? You will discover it all during this city walk!

Languages: NL/ENG/FR/DE