S.M.A.K., Vooruit, KOPERGIETERY, CAMPO, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen and NTGent have joined forces for a new large-scale artistic city project: "KamerKind".

A visual, theatrical and musical walking trail takes you past more than 50 children's rooms - from residential caravans to historical mansions - spread over all areas of the city. You get to hear authentic stories of young residents as well as new contemporary stories of dozens of artists. In addition, you discover new work by visual artists, musicians, theatre makers, choreographers and videographers. They draw inspiration from the children's drawings in each room, which are all related to the oeuvre of master painter Jan Van Eyck.

Prepare for a diverse programme:  a women's choir performing in a children's bed, a nursery virtually converted with visual work by Van Eyck, young children delivering self-written monologues, musical experiments redefining the concept of chamber orchestra etc. 'KamerKind' displays a diversity of surprising, artistic discoveries based on contemporary stories. Three generations of visitors and participants are thus connected in a unique way.