In this exhibition, the Friends of S.M.A.K. (Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art) show the work of Georgian artist Meggy Rustamova. Her oeuvre consists of photographs, videos, installations and performances. She observes the relationship between the individual and collective memory, between language as communication and visual imagery. Landscapes, nature and the relation between fauna & flora and people are typical for her work as well.

“HORAIZON” refers to the phonetic pronunciation of ‘horizon’, the line where the sky seems to touch the land. The horizon, interpreted as a 'boundary' or 'line' can be seen in language as well, when reading between the lines, or travelling between international borders. The images in the exhibition show the outlines of land, trees, shadows or buildings clearly defined against the sky. The works also suggest a longing to whatever is hiding behind the horizon and they invite the spectator to go on an imaginary journey. Rustamova brings several mediums together in the exhibition. Together, the works of art form one spatial installation, as it were.