A link between the 15th-century Ghent Altarpiece and biodesign may seem a bit far-fetched, but innovation studio GLIMPS manages to create a perfect link between old and new within the scope of the '‘Van Eyck 2.0 – OMG! Hubert IS here’ project. They connect almost 600 years of history by linking the work and innovations of the Van Eyck brothers to Ghent expertise in biotech and biodesign.

During the Van Eyck year, GLIMPS moves into the Castle of Gerald the Devil, which will temporarily open its doors under the name of  'Broei' in 2020 and serve as a place where youngsters can think and engage in activities. This iconic location will for example host inspiration sessions for professionals, workshops for youngsters and lectures for a broad audience. Refer to themes linked to the Ghent Altarpiece to zoom in on biodesign as the ideal link between old crafts and contemporary biotech. The project is concluded with a biodesign exhibition with work by national and international artists and scientists.