This new exhibition takes you on a journey to the 18th-century East Indies. Objects from times long past and exotic areas come to life in this unique travel story.

While listening to the stories of Ghent priest Michael De Febure and his shipmates, you stroll through settings that appeal to the imagination and allow you to discover fascinating and unique items, ranging from old atlases, prints, nautical charts, ship models and navigational instruments to exotic marine wildlife and maritime finds from 18th-century shipwrecks.

The exhibition enables you to immerse yourself in the world of discovery, exploration and adventure … A fascinating journey for young and old.

You can visit the exhibition with an audioguide. Flemish actors recorded the text and will guide you through the exhibition. The audioguide is available in Dutch, French and English. 

Wondrous Voyage for children

Our youngest visitors can explore the exhibition with a booklet and a spy-glass. Like little sailors, they go on a search for the unique objects on board the ship. The booklet is available in Dutch, French and English. You can obtain it at the reception desk of the abbey. 

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