Ghent is located on the intersection of two major European motorways: the E17 connects Northern Europe to the South, and the E40 runs from the North Sea right across to Eastern Europe.

From the E17 you take the ‘Gent Centrum’ turnoff. On the E40, from the motorway intersection in Zwijnaarde you first follow ‘Antwerpen’ (E17) and then take the ‘Gent Centrum’ turnoff.

The centre of the city of Ghent is a pedestrian area. The P-route leads you to the various car parks that give access to the city centre. As soon as you enter the city, the digital signs of the P Route parking guidance system will quickly and conveniently direct you to the parking facility of your choice. If you wish to enter a pedestrian zone with a motorised vehicle between 11 am and 6 pm you will need a permit to avoid getting a fine. Parking on public property in a pedestrian zone is not permitted.

The Circulation Plan

The Circulation Plan excludes through traffic from the city centre. Pedestrians, cyclists, buses and trams have more space and motorists who genuinely need to drive in the city are able to reach their destination more quickly.

The city is being divided into seven sectors for the plan. Vehicles can travel between the various sectors using the ring road (R40). It is therefore best to check in advance which approach roads to use to reach your destination, within the sector in question, from the ring road. The centre and centre car parks remain accessible to cars.

Circulation Plan

All tourist accommodation remain accessible.