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Castle of the Counts

Castle of the Counts

Castle of the Counts

Castle of the Counts

Castle of the Counts

Castle of the Counts

‘I’ll show them who’s boss’: that’s what Philip of Alsace had in mind. Therfore he had the imposing castle rebuilt (1180). Overlooking the city from its battlements high up on the keep, one can sense the feeling of wealth and power that the lord of the castle must have had.

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Visitor’s city guide Ghent

Visitor’s city guide Ghent

Please feel free to browse through this guide and get to know our city a little better.

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Kersttafel Winterwonderkasteel2 (c) Amelia Crossley
19 Dec 2014
Instead of complaining about the cold, Ghent puts on a winter festival with the Counts Castle completely converted into a Winter Wonderland.

In the neighbourhood

Boat in Gent - aanlegsteiger © De Bootjes van Gent - Rederij Dewaele

From a historical boat trip to a stylish picnic

National Geographic Traveler
National Geographic Traveler"Een fantastische mix van een levende stad en een levendig verleden. Veel echter dan het even verder gelegen lieflijke Brugge. De inwoners koesteren het karakter van deze middeleeuwse stad, maar toch is er geen mono-economie gericht op toerisme."


Sint-Michielsbrug Gent
Nowhere else can you see so many marvellous buildings in one glance as from St Michael’s Bridge. The monumental bridge can itself be better admired from the Graslei.
Gras- en Korenlei Gent
Ask ten inhabitants of Ghent what the most beautiful place in their city is and nine will answer the Graslei.
Sint-Baafskathedraal Gent
A trove of art treasures: 22 altars, a Rococo pulpit in marble and oak and of course the exquisite highlight: "The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb" by the Van Eyck brothers.