Chambre Séparée is the new concept by ‘Flemish Foodie’ Kobe Desramaults.

After De Vitrine and De Superette, Ghent is once again proud to host his gastronomic skills. This time, he will be based in the former Belgacom Tower at Oude Beestenmarkt. 

The restaurant only seats 16 people. The guests sit surrounding the kitchen, which creates an intimate atmosphere in the setting of an old industrial building. What follows is a unique experience, translated into a menu of 20 dishes. However, the restaurant does not offer an à la carte dining experience. Instead, the chef compiles the menu on the basis of seasonal products and the inspiration of the moment. As a result, the food comes as a complete surprise. 

Planning a visit to Ghent and looking for an exclusive evening out? If so, be sure to keep an eye on the Chambre Séparée website and book a meal with Kobe no more than 2 months before your arrival!