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Film Fest Gent

Film Fest Gent

The Film Fest Gent has become a not-to-be-missed event on the Flemish and international cultural scene. It owes its success to events that keep making their return: dozens of quality films, major film music concerts by top composers and extraordinary exhibitions in the margin of film.

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Overview of all activities in a single pdf file.
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Film Fest Gent

Riema Reybrouck
Leeuwstraat 40b
9000 Gent
Tel.: +32-92428060
Fax: +32-92219074
E-mailadres: info@filmfestival.be
URL - link: Film Fest Gent
Stadsplan: E7


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Leeuwstraat 40b
9000 Gent
Tel.: +32-92428060
URL - link: Film Fest Gent
Stadsplan: E7
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Balls & Glory © John Brunton
15 Nov 2016
There is a food revolution taking the kingdom of Belgium by storm, and its unofficial capital is the city of Ghent.

In the neighbourhood

Kinepolis Gent


Sint-Pietersplein-site, Bioscoop, Kunstenkwartier, Kindvriendelijk
Muinkpark Gent


Groen, Park, Kunstenkwartier, Wandelen, Sint-Pietersplein-site

Congres, Kunst, Kunstenkwartier, Venue, Vergaderen, Zakelijk


Open Monumentendag
On Flemish Heritage Day, heritage buildings take pride of place. As well as visiting famous monuments, you can have a look around places that are otherwise not open to the public.
OdeGand © Basel Zobieda
OdeGand is a celebration of music on and along Ghent’s canals. .