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Patrick Keulemans

Patrick Keulemans

Two places, one language

Patrick Keulemans’ visual work is derived from a fascination with language and communication: The (im)possibility of language as a metaphor for the (im)possibility of communication. A complex network of questions and existential doubts are often hidden behind the refined and distinct ‘look’ of his pieces.

Opening hours

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  • S 24/09  >
  • M 25/09 closed
  • T 26/09 closed
  • W 27/09 closed
  • T 28/09 closed
  • F 29/09 closed
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Overview of all activities in a single pdf file


Overview of all activities in a single pdf file.
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In the neighbourhood

Roomer Gent

Shop, Gentse specialiteiten & souveniers


KASK animeert Huis van Alijn
For five years now, the Animation Film department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) has helped shape the collection of the House of Alijn.
This exhibition aims to make the public aware of the issue of internment.
Michael E. Smith
Michael E. Smith is a sculptor who works with household items, carcasses, ad clips and other items from our consumer society.