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make your stay in Ghent an unforgettable one by attending one of these events.

Barrio Cantina

Food Truck Festival

During ‘Barrio Cantina’, Korenmarkt will be turned into a large outdoor restaurant with dozens of mobile kitchenettes.

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Flemish Heritage Day

Open Monumentendag

On Flemish Heritage Day, heritage buildings take pride of place. As well as visiting famous monuments, you can have a look around places that are otherwise not open to the public.

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Overview of all activities in a single pdf file

Overview of all activities in a single pdf file.
Only available in digital format

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Ice Rink

Openlucht ijspiste

Emile Braunplein looks like a tableau from a Brueghel painting: warmly wrapped-up skaters whirl around in a mediaeval setting.

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What's On

Ghent inside out

Embedded thumbnail for Light Festival Ghent "Would you like to discover Ghent in a different way? The Light Festival illuminates Ghent with an extra long trail and hidden gems..."


Gent Belfort
Above the Ghent skyline towers the Old Belfry, lonely and grey, an iconic symbol of the past.
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