Congresses, meet-ups and seminars have become complete experiences. In addition to inspiring content and networking opportunities, participants now expect a live experience to stimulate their senses, and which they can share on their smartphone with just one click. This requires a thorough and personalised approach, sharp creativity, technological knowhow and specific organisational expertise. This is where The Oval Office steps in. As a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO), the Oval Office has everything it needs to guarantee a successful experience, whether your are organising a national or international congress, a seminar or a conference.


At The Oval Office, we believe that a successful conference or an efficient seminar depends on the level of quality of the preparation. Fall in love with the process, and the results will come. We prove this time and again with great enthusiasm and passion.Based on our years of experience and expertise, we offer you strategic and creative advice, help you put together your programme and draw up a clever communication plan. The Oval Office also assists you in the administration of your participants and speakers, and welcomes your guests on the day of your event.


At The Oval Office, we want your message to be conveyed as clearly as possible to your target audience. Each aspect in this process is important: the communication plan and the registration website, the compilation of the programme, the choice of location, the social aspect: we want your event to be perfect. We take care of everything, so that you can focus on the aim of your meeting without having to worry about anything else. Curious about what we have to offer?  Take a look around and discover the many rooms of The Oval Office. 


Organising a congress is also the start of an intense and long cooperation with the PCO. 

The Oval Office resolutely opts for a true and close partnership. At the start of the process, we sit together to determine the strategic objectives so that we can leverage our expertise in every step of the way. We define the appropriate format for your conference and guarantee impeccable implementation.

Transparent communication is an absolute must in the relationship between The Oval Office and you, our customer. 


As a professional conference organiser, we put together a team with the best service providers in terms of communication, logistics, technology and activation and ensure a tight schedule, smooth coordination and professional project management.  


The entire process will be managed by one central point of contact who remains in full control of the process, maintains a clear overview and ensures that everything runs seamlessly. This means you will always work together with the same, familiar person. We do not only serve as the logistic and creative nerve centre during the preparatory phase, we also direct every aspect on-site, so that you can tap the full potential of your conference.

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