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Ghent specialities

Ghent specialities

Of all the culinary specialities of the region, Ghent waterzooi is undoubtedly the best known.


Gruut Gent

The Gruut Brewery is one of the rare breweries to use a mix of spices, known as gruut, instead of the traditional hops.

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Wijnen Waes

Wijnen Waes Gent

Since 2005, the Wijndomein Waes vineyard on the banks of the Scheldt near Zwijnaarde has been making Flemish local wines on the principles of tradition, authenticity and quality.

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Great Butchers' Hall

Groot Vleeshuis Gent

The Great Butchers' Hall dates back to the 15th century, when meat halls were indoor market places with centralised sales to monitor the freshness and quality of the meat.

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Ganda ham

Gandaham Gent

Depending on the size of the hams the production process can take anything from nine to fourteen months.

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Waterzooi Gent

In the Middle Ages this traditional soup was usually prepared with fish from the Lys or Scheldt Rivers. Later housewives opted to use chicken instead of fish. Nowadays you just choose what you like best.

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Temmerman Gent

A tiny store with deliciously old-fashioned sweets and other popular Ghent delicacies such as ‘mokken’ and ‘knopkes’ (cookies) and cuberdons (raspberry-flavoured sweets).

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Gentse sneeuwballen

Snowballs: Snow or no snow, for 100 years Larmuseau has been serving up generous portions of snowballs from September until March.

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A round bread, similar to a sandwich roll, spiced with cinnamon with a hole in the middle.

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Ghent inside out

Noah Charney
Embedded thumbnail for Noah Charney tastes Cuberdons "Noah Charney tastes Cuberdons"


Gent Belfort
Above the Ghent skyline towers the Old Belfry, lonely and grey, an iconic symbol of the past.
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