In the Ghent city centre you will find over 12 car parks with a total of almost 6,000 parking spots. If you wish to enter a pedestrian zone with a motorised vehicle between 11 am and 6 pm you will need a permit to avoid getting a fine. Parking on public property in a pedestrian zone is not permitted.

Are you coming to Ghent by (rental) car and would like to use the hotel car park? Don't forget to arrange this with the hotel in advance. You will need to specify your registration number when booking. This will allow the hotel to ensure that you can enter the car-free zone with your car.

Parking Vrijdagmarkt (P1)

Parking Reep (P2)

Parking Savaanstraat (P4)

Parking Sint-Michiels (P7)

Parking Ramen (P8)

Parking Sint-Pietersplein (P10)

Parking Gent Zuid

Parking Kouter

Center parking

Parking Gent-Dampoort

Parking Gent-Sint-Pieters