In the city centre of Ghent, 12 car parks offer nearly 6,000 parking spaces.
You can also park on the street, but please note that Ghent has 5 car-free areas that together form the pedestrian zone. If you need to drive in the pedestrian zone with a motorized vehicle, a permit is obligatory. This way you avoid a fine. Parking on a public domain in the pedestrian zone is not allowed.

Are you coming to Ghent by car (own or a rental car) and do you want to use the hotel car park (in the pedestrian zone)? Please provide your license plate when making the booking. The hotel will then ensure you can enter the car-free area by car. 

Ghent has a low emission zone

The Ghent city centre (the area enclosed by the ring road) has been designated as a low emission zone (LEZ) with the purpose of improving the quality of the air. The majority of the paid car parks are located within the low-emission zone, with the exception of the Gent Zuid (P3) car park, Gent-Dampoort car park and Gent-Sint-Pieters car park

Car park Vrijdagmarkt (P1)

Car park Reep (P2)

Car park Gent Zuid (P3)

Car park Savaanstraat (P4)

Car park Kouter (P5)

Car park Center Parking (P6)

Car park Sint-Michiels (P7)

Car park Ramen (P8)

Car park Sint-Pietersplein (P10)

Car park Gent-Dampoort

Car park Gent-Sint-Pieters