Cities are doing more and more to limit their impact on the environment. In Ghent, ecotourism isn’t just a fashion: it’s a way of life. Ghent is committed to the environment. Ghent has been proclaimed a vegetarian capital and has the largest low-traffic pedestrian zone in Europe. So experiencing Ghent on a bike is a really good idea: the city loves cyclists and cyclists love the city. Ghent is a manageable size and the sights are easy to find, even on foot.

Ghent against food waste

The City of Ghent takes initiatives to combat food wastage. For instance, in a lot of restaurants, you can ask to take your leftovers home in a practical box called “restorestje” without feeling embarrassed. The boxes are made of FSC-certified cardboard and are compostable.

You can recognise the restaurants in Ghent that participate in this initiative by the sticker on the door. You can also take your own box to put the leftovers in. Thanks to this initiative, you can repeat your culinary experience in Ghent!