Are you vegetarian or flexitarian? Come to Ghent! You’re in for a treat. In 2009, Ghent started the worldwide Thursday Veggie Day campaign. The city has an abundance of vegetarian restaurants. Vegetarians can feel at home in Ghent. But there’s more: Ghent is also limiting its ecological footprint by focusing on ecotourism.

Thursday Veggie Day

One day a week with no meat or fish. It makes a world of difference. That is the idea behind the Thursday Veggie Day campaign. It began in Ghent in 2009 and now it’s catching on. Many other cities have followed suit. And not just in Belgium; cities abroad are doing it too. The more people around the world stick to plant-based food at least once a week, the greater the impact on people, animals, nature and the climate, because it reduces CO2 emissions and supports fair food. Above all though, do it for yourself, because it is simply a healthy choice. And vegetarian food is incredibly delicious too.

Thursday Veggie Day

Take a look at and get inspired by the mouthwatering vegetarian recipes!

Ghent is reducing its footprint

Everyone can contribute to a sustainable future. That includes the tourism sector. Ghent is really working hard to reduce its ecological footprint. Hotels, venues, museums and events all try to keep an eye on their water and energy consumption. They dispose of their waste in the greenest possible ways, and they invite tourists to fight pollution and waste together. The Ghent tourism sector is making great progress with small but smart ecological measures. Some businesses have even received awards for their efforts. Several Ghent hotels and attractions have already received the ‘Green Key’ - the most important international standard for green tourism businesses. So Ghent is off to a great start!