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A fortress in the city

You are no longer in the historical heart of Ghent (the ‘kuip’), but on ‘s Gravensgrond (the count’s land).
Originally, this area was property to the count and therefore did not belong to the city. You can get the best ‘taste’ of the Middle Ages in the splendid Patershol: the old street plan is authentic, two monasteries have been beuatifuly preserved and the numerous charming little restaurants offer unrivalled culinary (and cultural) variety.

Charles V was also born nearby, in the Prinsenhof.



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In the neighbourhood

Boat in Gent - aanlegsteiger © De Bootjes van Gent - Rederij Dewaele

From a historical boat trip to a stylish picnic


If you suddenly decide to wander over the Kouter, make sure it is on Sunday morning.
Graslei-site Gent
Two wonderful rows of houses are reflected in the water of the Lys. Young and old alike enjoy the first rays of sunshine. There is much laughter, lazing about and fun.
Vrijdagmarkt Gent
Jacob Van Artevelde became one of Ghent’s heroes when he succeeded in reversing the English boycott on wool imports. Thanks to him, the Ghent cloth industry could finally breathe again.