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Green Ghent

Green Ghent

Besides the large municipal parks in Ghent you’ll find increasing numbers of smaller, slightly hidden green spots tucked away in quieter corners of the city. These provide a bit of breathing room and peace. What few people realise (even citizens of Ghent!) is that the city of Ghent actually has a quite beautiful nature reserve at its disposal.

St Bavo's Abbey

Sint-Baafsabdij Gent

You are on historic ground here. In the 7th century, Amandus van Gent founded St Bavo’s Abbey here in an attempt to convert the inhabitants of this city of Ganda.

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Campo Santo

Campo Santo Gent

Numerous renowned painters, sculptors and writers went to their final resting place on this 19 metre-high burial mound.

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Nature Domain De Bourgoyen

De Bourgoyen

This may surprise many locals, but the city boasts a beautiful nature reserve: Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen is a 230-hectare flood area that provides a vital migratory winter habitat for hundreds of species of birds.

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Appelbrugparkje Gent

Cosy up on the bench along the Lys and enjoy the marvellous view of the Great Butchers’ Hall and the renovated Old Fish Market.

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Hof van Rijhove

Hof van Rijhove Gent

Originally a 14th-century castle, the restored Hof van Rijhove illustrates the development of seven centuries of domestic culture in an authentic Ghent mansion.

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Gent Belfort
Above the Ghent skyline towers the Old Belfry, lonely and grey, an iconic symbol of the past.
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