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Noah Charney tastes Cuberdons

Noah Charney tastes Cuberdons

Ghent Festival of Flanders

Ghent Festival of Flanders 2014: Capilla & Blindman Sax

Welcome to the Visit Gent
website for groups/trade

Are you a professional in the tourism sector? Then let us show you that Ghent is a destination with so much to offer, a place your customers will definitely enjoy. This site tells you everything you need to know for a successful group visit. Do you have any more questions? Then don’t hesitate to contact our trade expert Johan Catteeuw.

Looking for a programme for your visit to Ghent with family, friends or colleagues? Go to ‘Essentials’ on this homepage and create your own programme. For more information on each attraction you can contact our Tourist Information team. If you’d like a custom programme to be developed for you, feel free to contact one of the incoming agencies or event planners in Ghent

Ghent in a nutshell

Lam Gods
First of all its excellent location. And of course The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, the tryptych by the Van Eyck brothers that is displayed at St Bavo’s Cathedral.


Autumn is our favourite season in Ghent. The trees turn red, orange and yellow, an enchanting mist hangs over the Count’s Castle and the new cultural season is about to begin.

Suggested day programmes

Ghent is such a versatile city. There’s something to see on every corner. That’s why we’ve compiled a few programmes for your half-day, one- or two-day visit to Ghent. If you’re here for half a day you’ll have to stick to the main attractions in the historical city centre, but if you’re staying a little longer, we recommend a museum visit in the Arts Quarter.

The prices mentioned are per person, for group visits.

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Half a day in Ghent



1 day in Ghent



2 days in Ghent



13 Oct 2017

14 October 2017 is “Nacht van de Duisternis” (Night of the Darkness), an initiative to raise awareness for light hindrance and light pollution. The Ghent city administration also pulls its weight.

7 Oct 2017

From 7 October onwards, the magnificent stained windows at St Bavo’s Cathedral are not the only reason to look above your head. For six months, you can admire the skeleton of a finback whale suspended from the cathedral ceiling.

2 Oct 2017

Keen to explore the pedestrianised city centre in a safe and convenient way? From now on, you can board one of the electric People Movers, which drive through the car-free city centre at regular times.

Facts & figures

35 hotels
1,936 hotel rooms
1,407 groups welcomed per year (2012) (management plan)
891,983 overnight stays per year (2012)
547,678 leisure overnight stays (2012)
180,181 conference overnight stays (2012)
164,125 business overnight stays (2012)
Top 5 countries of origin for the overnight stays: Belgium, the Netherlands, United kingdom, Germany and France
1,690,826 visitors to monuments and museums (2012)
Top months: April, May, June, July and August