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Masons' Guild Hall

Masons' Guild Hall

Masons' Guild Hall

Masons' Guild Hall

Masons' Guild Hall

Opposite St Nicholas’ Church, on the other side of the street, is the original 16th-century Masons’ Guild Hall. On top of the stepped gable, six dancers turn merrily with the wind. Beneath the building is a 13th-century cellar.

The original Masons’ Guild Hall, indeed. Because there is also an exact copy on the Graslei. This was rebuilt for the World Exhibition in 1913 using the original plans. As it happens, the original had disappeared behind some ugly walls and had then been… forgotten. Until it was rediscovered during renovation work in 1976.



Sint-Niklaasstraat 2
9000 Gent
Stadsplan: C3


Visitor’s city guide Ghent

Visitor’s city guide Ghent

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