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Ghent traders display local art in Backlight

25 Jan 2018Tegenlicht

Ghent's Light Festival is regarded as the highlight of the international light art world. However, new light art initiatives are also popping up around Ghent. From 22 January to 22 February, the display windows of 16 shops and 3 temporarily empty premises in Ghent will form a new “Tegenlicht” (Backlight) walking route. A great addition to the Light Festival!

The Backlight walking route is a collaboration between the Light Festival, PUUR GENT and the Ghent artist Bert Verstaen. The result: genuine photos which have not been edited in Photoshop, but which certainly include plenty of lighting magic and a touch of extra imagination. You will find them at around 20 locations in the city from 22 January to 22 February.

Ghent artists, Ghent locations

Along the Backlight route, you will find impressive light painting photos in the display windows of around 20 commercial premises. They highlight typical Ghent locations such as the Vooruit and the Krook. The young Ghent artist Bert Verstaen is displaying his works to a wide audience by means of this local initiative. Backlight forms a great addition to the Light Festival. In addition, the windows can also be admired during the day and not just when it gets dark.

Walking route

A walking route connects all the locations where you can admire the photos. They can be found on a handy map which shows each participating display window and briefly explains the works. You can download it here.