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Holy Food Market opens its doors

27 Feb 2017Holy Food Market

It finally happened last weekend. Foodies had been waiting for a long time, but now the Holy Food Market is all set to become Ghent’s latest hotspot. The setting is the magnificent 16th century Baudelo Chapel, but the heavenly taste of 15 food concepts is what it is all about.

The market’s instigator, Ladislas Leys (27), didn’t come up with the idea all on his own. He found food for thought in Barcelona, Rotterdam and Copenhagen, where food market halls are very popular. However the setting is unique. The Holy Food Market is very first food market in a chapel.

The 16th century Baudelo Chapel – previously a church, cloister, library and arts campus – is now a temple to gastronomy with its own bar. Stop by for delicious street food – from a croquette stall to Lebanese or Russian delicacies – and maybe for seafood or oysters. There are plenty of vegetarian options as well. You will be spoiled for choice at the bar with cocktails and a wide range of beers on tap.

And one more thing: on 25th March the upper floor of the Holy Food Market will be transformed into H-club, a bar that will be open on Thursday, Saturday and Monday.


Holy Food Market
Beverhoutplein 15, 9000 Gent

Holy Food Market