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R2-D2 is ready for HELLO, ROBOT.

24 Oct 2017R2D2

On 24 October, all cameras were focused on Design museum Gent. R2-D2, the original droid from Star Wars, was about to put in an appearance. This is just one of the iconic robots from the Hello, Robot exhibition. The exhibition will open on Friday 27 October 2017 and runs until Sunday 15 April 2018.

Everyone held their breath on Tuesday 24 October, at 11.05 am to be precise. It was at this moment that the case containing R2-D2 was opened. R2-D2 is the original droid from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode V: The Empire strikes back. Two employees of director George Lucas removed the film prop from its travel case and put it into position in the exhibition.

R2-D2 is just one of the many works in the exhibition Hello, Robot. Design between man and machine. The exhibition shows how man and machine are coming ever closer together by means of interactive installations, gadgets from pop culture, design prototypes, industrial robots and everyday wearables.

Although the exhibition radiates enthusiasm and hope, it also encourages critical reflection on technological progress. The curators have incorporated several ethical questions into a pleasant museum experience which both the general public and technology freaks will find appealing. An experience which is not to be missed by visitors of all ages, from Friday 27 October 2017 until Sunday 15 April 2018 in the Design museum Gent.