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Two new works of art on the Korenmarkt

28 Sep 2017Kunstwerken Korenmarkt

The Korenmarkt now has a completely different look. Two works by the international artists Ayşe Erkmen en (Istanbul, Turkey) and Ann Veronica Janssens (Folkestone, UK) were installed on the square during the night of Wednesday 27 September. The two vertical sculptures form an artistic answer to Ghent's 3 historical towers. With these works of art, Ghent is increasingly positioning itself as an international city of culture.

The Korenmarkt lies at the heart of Ghent's historic centre and is the ideal starting point for exploring the other areas of the city. The newly landscaped square attracts fans of terrace life and the surrounding historical buildings ensure a breathtaking sight.

The two new works which adorn the Korenmarkt are just one more reason to visit the square. The two large vertical sculptures are directly on the north-south axis of the Korenmarkt. They point the way to Ghent's well-known row of towers, formed by the towers of St Nicholas' Church, the Belfry and St Bavo's Cathedral.

The corner of Donkersteeg boasts “Broche”, the work by Ayşe Erkmen. This gleaming brass piece reaches 20 metres into the air and resembles a chain with links winding their way up into the air. It's an ode to historical Ghent.

At St Nicholas' Church, you will find the sculpture by Ann Veronica Janssens. “HD 400” is a gigantic steel bar measuring 19 metres high, with one polished side. The sun and this one mirrored side ensure an interplay of reflections and shadows. By means of her work, the artist is paying homage to modern architecture.

The installation of the works involved a great deal of preparation. For example, both sculptures are supported by 10-metre foundations.

Kunstwerken Korenmarkt