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Eat Love

Eat Love

Eat Love

Eat Love

Eat Love

Eat Love is run by lifestyle journalist Valentina Gatti. Every six months a new guest chef takes charge of the cooking at Eat Love Tastings. On the menu, small dishes at small prices but of great taste. Connecting organic pizzeria Eat Love Pizza (the two businesses share the toilets) has an interior built out of recycled materials. The entrance is at Ajuinlei. In case you cannot choose one pizza, you can order 2 semi-pizzas, 2 different flavours in one pizza.

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Oude Houtlei



Eat Love

Ajuinlei 10a
9000 Gent
Tel.: +32-479879387
Website: Eat Love Gent
Stadsplan: B4


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Veggie Ghent

One free copy per visitor available at the Visit Gent information centre.

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