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Eat Love Chix Rotisserie

Eat Love / Chix Rôtisserie

Eat Love / Chix Rôtisserie

Eat Love / Chix Rôtisserie

Eat Love / Chix Rôtisserie

“Eat Love”, run by lifestyle journalist Valentina Gatti, is an organic pizzeria with an interior made from recycled materials. People who can't decide what they want can order half and half pizza: 2 different pizzas in 1.

Right next door, you will find “Chix Rôtisserie” where you can enjoy spit-roasted free-range chicken served with local organic vegetables and French fries!

The two businesses even share the same toilets.

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Oude Houtlei



Eat Love

Ajuinlei 10a
9000 Gent
Tel.: +32-479879387
E-mailadres: pizza@eatlove.be
URL - link: Eat Love Gent
Stadsplan: B4


Onderbergen 25
9000 Gent
Tel.: +32-486800100
Stadsplan: B4


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