Shopping in Ghent is a real experience. You can wander at will in the pedestrian shopping area in the historic centre. But there are also amazing things to discover on the outskirts of the city.

Take ‘The Box’, for example. This is where the city of Ghent gives entrepreneurs the chance to make their dreams come true. Fledgling businesses can try out their creative shopping or restaurant ideas for a short time at these ‘plug & play’ locations. The pop-up stores regularly come and go, so let yourself be surprised by what is going on when you visit. Expect all kinds of products, from designer fashion to chocolate to craft pottery. 

A changing neighbourhood

The Dampoort and DOK areas around the old port docks in the north of the city are changing rapidly. Shops and restaurants are popping up like mushrooms. Modern office buildings and trendy apartments are starting to emerge in this industrial heritage neighbourhood. This is the future place to be, and it is already a hotspot in Ghent!