Walking while having a taste of a rich history. Want to be amazed by traces of a distant past or enjoy recent architecture? It’s all possible in Ghent! Wim happily takes you on one of his themed walks where you have a choice between ‘Highlights of Ghent’, ‘Well-known facades – unknown stories’ or ‘Van Eyck: Ghent in 1432’.

Ghent is not only the city of the Ghent Festivities, but it is also a university city, a port and one of the Flemish art cities. It is a city that buzzes with life day and night. Ghent’s fascinating history and historical heritage are perfect for a guided visit. Do you fancy a lovely cultural-historical trip with your family, friends, association or company? Wim happily takes you on one of his walks. There are lots of possibilities. Everything is customised. Wim offers guided tours in Dutch and English.

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