Ghent is demonstrating that Van Eyck is still making his mark on the city. Indeed, the Ghent Altarpiece is more than merely a piece of world heritage. It is a living icon that continues to fascinate and inspire.

Van Eyck’s heritage courses through the city, and generation after generation he continues to inspire new masters who will proudly take their place in the limelight. More than seventy Ghentish creators have agreed to create a product or design inspired by the Ghent Altarpiece. Each and every one of them a passionate artisan who, just like Jan Van Eyck in the fifteenth century, are keeping artisanal mastery alive with the utmost care, knowledge, and patience.

The Van Eyck creators practice a broad range of crafts, leading to a great diversity of unique products: jewellery, hats, floral arrangements, beer, rugs, shawls, handbags, ceramics, glassware… The variety on offer is tremendous.

Their exclusive products are for sale in the Cloth Hall underneath the Belfry. The shop is run in conjunction with Stadswinkel and Historische Huizen Gent. In addition to a unique concept store, the Cloth Hall is also the meeting point for the year themed OMG! Van Eyck was here. This location is the starting point for a number of activities, and visitors can find the information they need here.

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