This is Belgium’s oldest indoor swimming pool and it’s located on Veermanplein square, near Portus Ganda. The pools owes its name to the Van Eyck brothers, who painted one of the most influential artworks ever created in Ghent, namely the Ghent Altarpiece.

A unique feature of this pool is its stunning art deco decoration, which is why it is sometimes called the most beautiful pool in Belgium. In the past, the pool was mainly used as a bath house. After all, the people of Ghent didn’t yet have running water or a bath tub and could wash themselves in a number of bath tubs in the basement. Today, the pool is still used as a public bath house: those who live in cramped​ quarters can still enjoy a long soak in the bath. 

In the ‘Au Bain’ lounge bar on the first-floor, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the swimming pool and the marina. 

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