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't Toreken

't Toreken

't Toreken

The fifteenth-century Toreken, or ‘Little Tower’ was the house of the tanners’ guild. Halfway up this small tower is the market clock and on the steeple the mermaid Melusine holds up her mirror to the wind.

Nowadays the building houses the Poëziecentrum, the place to come for knowledge and expertise about poetry in Flanders and the Netherlands. The focus is on Dutch-language poetry and poetry translated into Dutch, translations of Dutch poems and Afrikaans poetry. There is a documentation centre, poetry shop and publisher. The centre also produces a poetry magazine, the Poëziekrant, and offers literary programmes and educational packages.


't Toreken

Vrijdagmarkt 36
9000 Gent
Tel.: +32-92252225
Fax: +32-92259054
Website: 't Toreken
Stadsplan: D2

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t Toreken

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