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123-piano hits all the right notes!

123-piano hits all the right notes!

27 aug 2014123-piano bib Zuid

I was thrilled to be among the crowd at the Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station for the opening night of 123-piano, a music project that brings people together through live performances and art. Now in its second run, this showcase spans eight fantastic locations around the city. In front of Paard van Troje and the library @ de Zuid, at the Zebrastraat venue, Gent-Sint-Pieters and DOK, in front of the Minard Theatre, under the City Pavilion and in the Pierkespark a piano is waiting for you to play a tune.

For all ages

As preparations for the opening night event got underway, locals and visitors alike gathered en masse to sneak a peek at what would prove to be an exciting evening of interactive musical magic. As I walked into the venue, the atmosphere was already buzzing with chatter and excitement, and I quickly discovered why. Centre stage stood a piano transformed into an electrifying spectacle of vibrant moving lights that was genuinely captivating. It was certainly an event for visitors of all ages and even children were given the opportunity to display their musical talents.

For me, 123-piano really delivered on its main objective, as I found myself easily caught up in the friendly atmosphere, speaking (as best I could) to people I didn’t know about how beautiful the piano looked and how great the music was. Overall, I had a great time.

The show was a brilliant way to spend the evening and demonstrates just how incredible Ghent is as a place both to live and visit. You’re never short of events like these which I always find unique, surprising, original and spectacular. 123-piano is no exception!

Arty piano

At each site you’ll find one piano transformed into a standalone work of art created by specially invited participating artists. Visiting each location would make an awesome themed day out. You’ll even get the chance to play along too!

The project runs until the 21st September 2014. You can get more information via the website http://www.123-piano.be/en/

Don’t forget to grab your CityCard Gent, which is perfect for getting to each 123-piano site on buses and trams. For ideas on where to eat while out and about, go to http://bit.ly/1ABE5Rc

Photos © Renate Raman

123-piano bib Zuid
123-piano DOK
123-piano Minard
123-piano Paard van Troje
123-piano Pierkespark
123-piano Stadshal
123-piano Zebrastraat
123-piano Gent-Sint-Pieters