Gent Congres is the official conference agency of the city of Ghent. We help you find appropriate hotels, meeting rooms, restaurants and other services you might need to turn your conference into a successful event free of charge.
  • Objective and comprehensive advice (no memberships)
  • Objective and comprehensive advice
  • Creative suggestions/solutions thanks to our many years of experience
  • Assistance and guidance with a site inspection and/or exploration visit
  • Assistance with a bidding procedure
  • Publication in our online conference calendar

Together with you, we draw up a file and presentation with Ghent as a possible destination for a future conference.

We provide the following audiovisual materials free of charge for your promotional support:

1. Digital footage (75dpi-300dpi) of

2. Videos footage

3. City maps of Ghent (in PDF format and print)

  • City map 
  • Ghent in a nutshell