Are you looking for the perfect location to organise your conference? Welcome to Ghent, Flanders’ most important conference city according to the ICCA (International Congres and Convention Association). The city has all the services and support you need to plan a smooth and perfect conference.

GentCongres offers a helping hand

Organising a conference is no small feat. The City of Ghent has set up an independent team of experts to help you out. GentCongres offers unbiased and comprehensive advice free of charge to anyone organising an association conference in our city. There are no hidden traps in the form of memberships or commissions. As an organiser, you can expect comprehensive and neutral advice in every phase of the organisation process. 

Ghent as a connecting knowledge city

Why is Ghent so popular as a Flemish conference city? Because the city is a phenomenal knowledge centre. It is packed with universities, university-colleges, and research and innovation centres of all kinds. It is a city where knowledge can sprout and grow, and where that knowledge can be shared as well. Ghent is also a city of pioneers, of people who are not afraid of sticking their necks out or failing.  Because they know that it is the only way to initiate change. And connection is key in Ghent: being open to everyone’s point of view. This way, new partnerships may be created, which in turn will trigger innovation.  

Reception at the town hall

Any city can say that conferences are welcome, but Ghent makes it a reality. Upon request, the city will organise an official reception for your conference on Ghent soil. At the start of the conference, participants will be welcomed by the mayor or one of the municipal executives in the most beautiful room of the town hall, the “Pacificatiezaal”.  

Site visit to get a taste

You may have read that Ghent is the perfect city to organise a conference, but as a conference organiser you may of course want to experience it for yourself. A preparatory visit to the city is a good starting point for organising your association conference. You will get to know Ghent better, you can visit potential conference venues and you can soak up the atmosphere of the city.  

You’ve already read it: Ghent and GentCongres are ready to welcome your conference to the city. Contact us, without obligation, to discover Ghent and the services we offer. 

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