Ghent is a multifaceted conference destination featuring an extensive network of service providers, numerous knowledge clusters and internationally renowned institutions. But where to start your search, and how to take the right decisions?

Selecting venues

We will accompany you in your search for the venues, hotels, meeting rooms and caterers that match your expectations. Our online venue finder is a great place to start.

Developing a Social Programme

What is at least as important as the contents of your conference? The activities for the participants after the lectures! Being part of the Ghent tourism department, we have a lot of expertise in developing social programmes.

Introducing professional organisers

All extra help is welcome when you’re planning a large conference. It will be our pleasure to introduce you to a number of suitable PCOs (Professional Congress Organiser). Their experience will undoubtedly add value to your conference.

Do you want more information about the service providers in Ghent? The offer is extensive: from restaurants over accommodations to audio-visual experts. Take a look!

Site visits

Are you still not certain whether Ghent is your ideal conference destination? No problem: you can make up your mind after a few site visits with our team. We personally accompany you to several venues in the city, where you can meet with experts and find inspiration  before you make your final decision. And if your site inspection entails extra costs for meals or an overnight stay, we will take care of them.

Do you need more help or additional information? Feel free to contact us, it will be our pleasure to assist you.

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