A great conference sharpens the mind and expands your knowledge, but it is also a great networking event. That is way the social programme of your conference is also very important, in addition to the content. In Ghent, there are plenty of options to turn your conference into a relaxing and connecting event.

Putting together a strong social programme for your conference is important. After all, during a conference, you want to bring people and organisations into contact with each other and thus strengthen your sector. Activities outside the official programme are invaluable in this regard: conference participants really get to know one another in a convivial atmosphere. These can range from a welcome dinner the evening before the conference to a guided city tour or a guided museum visit. GentCongres will gladly put together a social programme tailored to the content and schedule of your conference. If you don’t want to offer your conference participants a fixed programme, but rather free time, we recommend a CityCard Gent as a conference extra.