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Corona - covid-19

What are the consequences of coronavirus in Ghent?

The evolution and consequences of the coronavirus are closely monitored by all services of the City of Ghent. All information about changes in the tourist offer can be found here.

Furthermore, the federal public service Public Health posts the most important information on The measures listed below are helpful to prevent the spread of flu viruses, coronaviruses or any other viruses.

Simple measures that can be taken to prevent the spread:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze
  • Avoid close contact with persons who have the symptoms of a respiratory disease (e.g. coughing and sneezing)

CityCard Gent

How much does the CityCard Gent cost?

The CityCard Gent is an advantageous card that gives you access to the principal monuments, museums and attractions in the city. You only pay 38 or 44 euro and you can explore the city for 48 or 72 hours respectively. Children and adolescents up to the age of 18 have free access to most of the Ghent museums.  This means that a CityCard may not be advantageous for them. Keep this in mind when purchasing your cards and also check when certain monuments or museums are closed. The opening times of each monument or attraction are indicated on our website. This way you can get the most out of your purchase!

How does the CityCard Gent work?

The period of validity of the CityCard Gent starts the first time you use the card. You are requested to indicate the date and time on the back of the card. The card will be scanned every time you enter a museum or attraction. If you make use of public transport, you don’t need to validate the card, but the conductor may ask you to show it.

Do you want to visit the Ghent Altar Piece with your CityCard? Then be sure to book your ticket in advance by selecting the "CityCard" option in the web shop. You can even do this before you have actually bought your CityCard. When you get to the entrance, have both your ticket and CityCard scanned. The reduced rate will not be granted for tickets bought at the reception desk.  

You do not need to book tickets in advance for the Castle of the Counts, the Belfry or for exhibitions at St Peter’s Abbey. CityCard holders can always gain entrance (even when all tickets are sold out).   


Where can I buy the CityCard Gent?

The CityCard Gent is available at the Tourist Information Office, the points of sale of the public transport company De Lijnthe Ghent hotels and all participating museums and attractions. View all points of sale here. It is not yet possible to purchase the card online.

Which museums and sights can I visit with the CityCard?

With the CityCard Gent you can visit all the top attractions in Ghent and use public transport. Check here what is included in the CityCard


Can I book tickets in advance with my CityCard?

Of course you can! Select the ‘CityCard’ option in the ticket module of the attraction you want to visit and have both you ticket and your CityCard scanned at the entrance.  

Do you want to visit the Ghent Altar Piece with your CityCard? Then you have to book your tickets in advance. You can do so by selecting the 'CityCard' option in the ticket module of the visitor centre. When you get to the entrance, have both your ticket and CityCard scanned. 

You do not need to book tickets in advance for the Castle of the Counts, the Belfry or for exhibitions at St Peter’s Abbey. CityCard holders can always gain entrance (even when all tickets are sold out).   

Ghent Altarpiece

Where can I find the Ghent Altarpiece?

“The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb” is the world-famous masterpiece by the Van Eyck brothers from the 15th century. The breath-taking altarpiece consists of 12 panels and has been undergoing thorough restoration since 2012, led by specialists from Belgium and abroad.  The restoration works are taking place at the Museum of Fine Arts (MSK). The restored panels can be admired at St Bavo’s Cathedral.

Can I visit the Ghent Altar Piece?

Definitely, this absolute masterpiece is not to be missed when you visit Ghent. You can discover the Ghent Altarpiece at the visitor centre of St Bavo's Cathedral. Due to the visitor centre’s limited capacity, it is advisable to book your tickets in advance.  

CityCard holders can enjoy a considerable discount by selecting the ‘CityCard’ option when purchasing a ticket. This can even be done before you have actually bought your CityCard. 

Visit Gent

Is Ghent accessible to people with a disability?

Ghent wants to be an open city, accessible to everyone. Our website contains useful information and tips on accessibility in Ghent; for instance, you can borrow a wheelchair for one day during the opening hours of the Bike Point underneath the City Pavilion. You can also borrow a wheelchair at the Visitor Information Centre subject to availability.

For information about parking space or other questions relating to accessibility, you can contact the Mobility Department of the City of Ghent or the official responsible for accessibility.

Where can I book a group event?

VisitGent does not suggest package deals or programmes for groups. Our website contains all elements to put together your ideal programme on the basis of the specific interests or needs of your group.

You will also find information on boat trips for groupsguided tours of the city and restaurants suitable for (large) groups in Ghent on our website. The website also offers an overview of accommodation with a large capacity. No inspiration? Visit our page “Ghent with friends”.

Where can I park my car?

Free car parks are available at the edge of the city, from where access to the city centre is easy with public transport or the free shuttle bus. In the city centre, it is advisable to park your car in an underground car park. Are you coming to Ghent by coach? The coach map contains all the information you need. For campers, the city offers two official motorhome sites.

Where can I find tourist brochures for Ghent?

Within the context of the efforts made by the city of Ghent to promote sustainability and eco-friendliness, the Tourist Information Office no longer sends brochures by post upon request. Tourists staying the night in Ghent in a hotel, guestroom or hostel and who spend several days in the city will find a city guide in their accommodation.  The guide can also be downloaded from our website. Obviously, you can always drop by at our information office if you have questions or if you want a map of the city or a brochure containing the highlights for a brief visit.

Our publications are also digitally available for consultation on our website.



Who can I contact if I am active in the tourist industry?

Are you a professional in the tourist industry and are you active in Ghent? Don’t hesitate to consult our website to see how we can help you promote your tourist offer.

Who can I contact if I am an influencer?

Are you a journalist, a blogger, a vlogger or an influencer and do you want to cooperate with VisitGent? You can find more information on our website.

Low-emission zone (LEZ)

What if my car is no longer allowed in the Ghent city centre?

You can reach Ghent in various ways.  You can take a train or a bus, for instance. Do you prefer coming by car anyway? You can buy a permit / day pass of park your car at a  P+R at the edge of the city. Parking is free, and quick and easy tram, bus of shuttle connections to the city centre are available! 

What if I want to enter several low emission zones in Belgium?

A few other Belgian cities, e.g. Brussels and Antwerp, also have a low emission zone. However, the admission conditions are not the same in every one of these cities.  Here you can find 5 tips if you want to enter several low emission zones.

Does the LEZ also apply to buses and coaches?

Buses and coaches are to meet the applicable requirements as well. Only buses for transporting people with disabilities are exempt from the entry requirements.

Can people who drive a vehicle with a foreign numberplate be fined?

It goes without saying that foreign vehicles also have to meet the requirements of the LEZ. In addition, foreign number plates (with the exception of Dutch number plates) must always be registered!


Where can I rent student accommodations?

Will you be studying in Ghent and are you looking for accommodations? Your university or university college will gladly help you. Or you can ask for help from these organisations:


Where can I park my coach?

You'll find all the information on car parks for coaches and drop-off points here. You can also download the publication “Ghent by coach”.