On these webpages all interested parties (local residents, students, the tourism industry, tourists, etc.) can find detailed information about tourism in and visits to Ghent.

VisitGhent gathers information from statistical sources and studies about tourism in Ghent. It uses this knowledge to support its tourism policy.

In a hurry? Check out the most important data in a nutshell:

You do have more time to spare? Then take a look at the annual report 'Tourism in figures', click on 'Research' and dive deeper or read the full policy paper under the 'Policy' section.

Tourism in figures

VisitGent’s annual report contains an overview of the key figures up to 2022: the number of visits to the tourist information office, the number of visits to the sights, the number of overnight stays and employment figures.


VisitGent conducted numerous studies, either on its own or in collaboration with partners such as VisitFlanders and the Flemish art cities.


Once every 6 years, in line with the municipal elections, VisitGent draws up a policy plan which is approved by the Ghent city council. The current policy plan titled “Tourism of the Future” applies to the period 2020-2025 and was approved by the city council in February 2021.