Ghent, city of 7 watercourses! A discovery by boat is the most logical and charming way to visit this city.

Flexible: fits your schedule… ànd your appetite!

Save time and see more. Choose your departure time and trip duration yourself. Take coffee, lunch or appetizer on board. Your boat can pick you up or bring you to your restaurant, hotel, parking lot, the cathedral, the bus park and ride, the castle, and lots of other spots. 

The boat size you wish 

14 look-alike boats. 12, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 or 60 passengers. Max total capacity: 650 passengers at the same time. Also 2 electric boats, 60 passengers/boat: zero emission! 

Cabrio-boats: stay dry, see it all…

Our innovative and proven cabrio-boats are open boats when the wheater is fine. When it rains, a hydraulic movable convertible allows you to sail even under the lowest medieval bridges.

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