EROV is an organization which promotes East Flemish regional products. If you are looking for an original product from one of our five East-Flemish regions, or the city of Ghent, you can consult the website

*Closed for renovations*
The Great Butchers’ Hall is closed for urgent works.  The shop selling regional products has temporarily moved to Goudenleeuwplein 3, close to the City Pavilion.  

Butchers' Hall

Regional products of East Flanders with a story.

Sample the atmosphere in this medieval building, situated in the heart of Ghent. Its unique roof has been carefully preserved and the hall contains

nowadays an architectural glass construction.

Experience the exquisite taste of the East Flemish regional products such as special beers, chocolates, genever, fruit juice, apple wine, appetizer, coffee, sweets, ham, cheese, mustard etc.

Choose your favourite regional products in the large giftshop and surprise your relations with original gift baskets.

Book a special arrangement for your group from 20 up to 99 persons. Arrangements can be booked for: breakfast; lunch, afternoon, evening and for seminars. Reservation is necessary.

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