On 15 May 2017, Midtown Grill officially opened its doors at Korenlei (at Marriott Hotel).
Inspired by the traditional American steakhouses, Midtown Grill serves the best USDA certified steaks. The focus is on pure, fresh ingredients and high quality with a local touch. They collaborate with Slagerij Dierendonck, Brasvar from Nevele, Pils 13, Tierenteyn and coffee bar Café Labath.

Located at the entrance of the Marriott Hotel, the restaurant boasts a warm American atmosphere from the thirties with a wonderful view of the river Lys and the vibrant historical city centre. You are welcomed in the former breakfast room of the hotel and on warm days you can enjoy your meal on the terrace.  The walls are decorated with autographed steak knives which you can use for your main course.

People who love good-quality meat will be happy with this new restaurant. We love the simplicity of the menu, which is entirely focused on flavour. The side dishes wonderfully complemented the main course. You taste the love for meat and its preparation.

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