Ghent-Authentic specialises in tailor-made tours and programmes. In the context of the Van Eyck year, they offer a diverse programme on the Ghent Altarpiece.

At Ghent-Authentic, no tour is the same. The programme is always adapted to your interests, expectations and needs. Get inspired by the offer below:

Exclusive late-night opening in St Bavo’s Cathedral

Pay a private visit to the Ghent Altarpiece in St Bavo’s Cathedral after closing time with a Ghent‑Authentic guide. One hour full of formidable inspiration and beauty in a unique late-night opening. Languages: NL/EN/FR/DE

Lecture: ‘The Ghent Altarpiece. Human. Godly. Ingenious.’

Get submerged in the astonishing world of the Ghent Altarpiece. In this 90-minute lecture, TEDx speaker and Ghent-Authentic manager Kristel Vereecken talks about why the polyptych is still so inspiring, ingenious and breathtaking today. She shares her passionate view on the Ghent Altarpiece and goes beyond the strictly academic and artistic interpretation. This is followed by an extensive discussion and a Q&A. The lecture is held in St Bavo’s House (next to St Bavo’s Cathedral) or at a location of your choice. Languages: NL/EN

Guided walk: ‘In the footsteps of Van Eyck’

Step in the footsteps of Jan Van Eyck during this guided two-hour walk in the historical heart of Ghent. The programme includes a visit to the Ghent Altarpiece and St Bavo’s Cathedral as well as a tasty intermezzo. Languages: NL/EN/FR/DE/SP/IT

Tailor-made Ghent Altarpiece programme

Ghent-Authentic offers packages tailored to your group’s needs and expectations. This tour guide organisation takes care of your Ghent Altarpiece programme from A to Z: a guided tour, possibly combined with a lecture; the Van Eyck exhibition at MSK; a boat tour; tasty nibbles etc. Anything is possible! Languages: NL/EN/FR/DE/SP/IT