Are you planning a city trip with children that you can enjoy as a parent? Then your top pick must be Ghent, because our city is a friend to everyone. Cool swimming pools and an impressive Castle of the Counts, child-friendly restaurants and the funniest museums: it's going to be hard to choose! Take your time, a means of transport of your choice and let the little or big explorer in you loose.

Typically Ghent

Visiting Ghent without exploring the Castle of the Counts is like visiting New York without seeing the Statue of Liberty. Comedian Wouter Deprez takes you through the mighty Ghent Castle, using a funny audio guide with no age limit. Other points of interest in Ghent? Sail a boat on the Lys, eat cuberdons until your tongue looks purple, and overlook the Werregarenstraat. Huh? "The Graffiti Street," of course.

Splashing and romping around

After a visit to an interesting monument, the youngsters are already eager to romp around, aren't they? That's possible in one of the swimming pools in Ghent, even more in the Blaarmeersen and our many parks and playgrounds.  So many witty options during which you can let all your energy run free.

Action and adventure

Who says you can't have adventures in town? A game of paintball, a virtual reality game, a visit to the largest open air skatepark in Belgium. Or how about a kayak trip through the city centre, with a passage along a real boat slide?

Chill out

It's best not to overcrowd a city trip with children. In between all the visits, walks and activities, take time to slow down the pace. You really don't need a forest or meadow in order to relax. Take a picnic in the park or catch a film in one of Ghent's atmospheric cinemas.

Also interesting

Curious about the best Ghent child-friendly restaurants or which accommodation is ideal for a family? Here you will find inspiration, for great museums as well in which you can discover and experience all kinds of things. Isn't your little rascal such a sporty one? At Buggypunt Ghent you can borrow a compact, handy buggy.

Out with your baby in Ghent? This is for you

This logo on the window of a restaurant, café or shop shows it is equipped with a baby feeding and/or changing area.