• Ghent’s street art scene is a fascinating melting pot

    Ghent owes its flourishing street art scene to generations of artists rebelliously doing their thing, often in empty properties. Today, Ghent’s legal graffiti circuit is also alive and kicking, allowing every type of artist to seize their opportunity.
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  • Setting foot in Ghent for the first time

    Whenever I read about Belgium as a tourist destination, Bruges is always prominently mentioned. Unjustly, I discovered, because Ghent has just as much culture, heritage and atmosphere to offer and also benefits from its calmer underdog position. Report of my first, but definitely not my last, visit to the city.
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Our bloggers

  • Rick Molyneux

    In 2013, Rick Molyneux sprayed his first spray cans empty as a graffiti artist. In 2015, he established Wallin’ vzw and created an organisation providing opportunities to street artists: connecting artists to walls and clients, funding projects, organising graffiti jams and workshops. This how Rick and his companions literally make the world a nicer place.


  • Tony Wheeler

    Tony Wheeler is an Australian born in England. His name might not sound familiar, but the name of his iconic travel guides probably does: Lonely Planet. The series of guides, which he created with his wife Maureen, has since been imitated many times, yet never matched. As the ‘inventor’ of modern travel guides, Tony has visited many places around the world. It was high time he discovered Ghent.