The wait is finally over. We look forward to welcoming you back in Ghent! Ghent's museums, Historical Houses and shops have been reopened with new safety measures. Fortunately, Ghent also has many walking and cycling areas. Discover all there is to do in our city!

Shopping in Ghent

Shopping in Ghent is also allowed again. A mandatory sense of circulation is applied in the largest shopping streets, keep to the right or follow the arrows. Respect the 1.5 m distance rule at all times. Use the markings on the ground in front of the entrances of the shops as a guideline. If you see it's too crowded, come back later.


Mass events (e.g. festivals) will only be possible from September onwards. However in the meantime a selection of leisure and touristic activities are permitted. These include museums, monuments, libraries, local markets and fairs.

Tips for walking or cycling in Ghent

Ghent boasts lots of green spots with plenty of space! Here you can get some much-needed fresh air if you're allowed to leave your home. Going for a stroll or a bike ride in the city centre is a perfect way of taking in some fresh air.

Enjoy Ghent, even from your own couch!

You don't have to be in Ghent at the moment to enjoy it. Thanks to the cultural institutions, we can let you enjoy all the Ghentian beauty. From virtual tours to live streams and digital archives.