Ghent has made a commitment as to environment-friendliness. Ghent is not only the “veggie capital” of Europe, it also features the largest low-traffic city centre and a low emission zone (LEZ). In order to improve air quality, the most polluting vehicles are no longer allowed to enter the Ghent city centre (the area enclosed by the ring road).

Check your car and avoid a fine.

Strict admission conditions and emission standards are applicable in this low emission zone. Your vehicle’s Euro standard and fuel type determine whether or not you are allowed to enter the city centre of Ghent. Only vehicles that meet the admission conditions are allowed to enter. The most polluting diesel and gasoline vehicles are kept out of this zone.

No Belgian or Dutch number plate?

If your car is allowed to enter the city centre but you do not have a Belgian or Dutch number plate, you should ALWAYS register it!

Some of the most frequently asked questions about the low emission zone can be consulted here.

You recognise the LEZ by these signs
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Low-emission zone Ghent

In order to contribute to a better, healthy environment, Ghent is introducing a low emission zone (LEZ).

What if my car is no longer allowed in the Ghent city centre?

You can reach Ghent in various ways.  You can take a train or a bus, for instance. Do you prefer coming by car anyway? You can buy a permit / day pass of park your car at a  P+R at the edge of the city. Parking is free, and quick and easy tram, bus of shuttle connections to the city centre are available! 

What if I want to enter several low emission zones in Belgium?

A few other Belgian cities, e.g. Brussels and Antwerp, also have a low emission zone. However, the admission conditions are not the same in every one of these cities.  Here you can find 5 tips if you want to enter several low emission zones.

Does the LEZ also apply to buses and coaches?

Buses and coaches are to meet the applicable requirements as well. Only buses for transporting people with disabilities are exempt from the entry requirements.

Can people who drive a vehicle with a foreign numberplate be fined?

It goes without saying that foreign vehicles also have to meet the requirements of the LEZ. In addition, foreign number plates (with the exception of Dutch number plates) must always be registered!